Manic Miners: The Rock Raiders remake

Manic Miners is a free remake of Lego Rock Raiders, it’s currently in development by Baraklava. Development began in May 2019 and will continue until the game is finished. It will feature new content, countless improvements, and lots of surprises! Download the game down below! If you have any questions about the game, check the FAQ as your question will mostly likely be answered!

DISCLAIMER: This project and site are in no way supported, endorsed, or recognized by The LEGO Group.

Please note that the game is still in development. The information about the game isn’t always up-to-date! For a quick list of things not added yet: Monsters

Things that are implemented: customizable hotkeys, extensive Miner AI, Buildings, Vehicles, a Level Editor, Power system, objectives system, air systems, lava erosion, landslides, and an abundance of new details and animations not in the original game!

lego rock raiders remake manic miners rock raiders 2 lego Rock Raiders Windows 10 lava base demonstration
A screenshot from the most recent build: Featuring the buildings, building power, Electric Fences, Erosion as well as hotkeys and… about 35 other major features, too much to list here!

The remake

If you’ve played previous any Rock Raiders remake, Manic Miners is on a completely different level. It aims to be like a game you pay for, but free and adding tons of new content. Essentially: Rock Raiders 2. While performance and fun gameplay is the most important, all assets in the game are also supposed to be of highest quality: The models, the textures, the music, the animations… you name it, it’s probably on my list. This is of course limited by my own ability as this is my first game.

lego rock raiders remake manic miners rock raiders 2 lego Rock Raiders Windows 10 level editor
The Level Editor supports an incredible map size, the craziest height maps you can imagine, as well as cave creation, and custom objectives. Advanced fill features will come in upcoming updates, but filling the map with one tile type is possible at creation.

Among other things, one big advantage of the game is a native Level Editor where you can realize the craziest dream levels you had when you played the original game! Jump in and see what you can create.

lego rock raiders remake rock raiders 2 lego Rock Raiders Windows 10 vehicles demonstration
A small peek at the Vehicles operating in the Air Raiders level. They are playable in the experimental builds right now!

Alright, now I won’t hold you here for any longer! If you want to know more about the project in detail, head over to the FAQ!


Download links for Manic Miners V0.2: The Buildings and Bruises update! (patch 7 released 2019-12-26) main downloads hub (Stable + experimental builds)

V0.2.7 Rock Raiders United download link

If you find bugs in V0.2.7, please DON’T report them yet! I’m working on the next major update, V0.3, and have fixed just about every bug that is in V0.2.7. You can find this latest version in the Experimental builds section of my page above. If your bug still persists in experimental builds, you can report it in #feedbackandbugs on my Discord server!

Please also note that currently, the focus is on providing a high-quality game. As such, performance is far from fully optimized. Performance improvements and optimization will be focused on a later date.

Experimental builds!

The experimental builds involving vehicles are open again! They are available on my page, but it is really worth to join the Discord and the active discussion if you are playing those. Don’t worry, the experimental builds are pretty stable, but they will be less tested than the major releases!


If you’d like to contact me for business reasons, you can either send an email to [email protected] or send me a PM directly on Discord for a quicker response.

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Cheers! / Baraklava