Here are all the current and planned features of Manic Miners listed! Note that this encompasses the experimental builds too, so if a feature is here but not in the game build you are playing, it might be finished in an experimental build. (LRR= Lego Rock Raiders)

For planned features visit the Trello page to know more what is about to come, what is worked on and what is already implemented! (Warning: it can be a bit messy).

AI and miners:

  • Smart AI that executes tasks and doesn’t ignore your input, as LRR sometimes did.
  • Fully customizable miners, down to the individual brick and colour!
  • Real-time native navigation system
  • Smarter dispensing of resources, like Ore and Crystals
  • Multi-selecting miners supported!
  • The miners can do the following so far:
    • Drill walls
    • Clear rubble
    • Use dynamite
    • Reinforce walls
    • Get tools
    • Train for certain jobs
    • Eat sandwiches
    • Repair buildings
    • Automatically pick up and carry resources on demand
    • Construct buildings in a smart manner
    • Follow a priority list
  • Training system is working
  • Stamina and hunger system is working
  • Controllable through Eye/Shoulder view


  • Vehicles currently implemented:
    • Hover Scout: No driver requirement, quickest vehicle in the game and can leap over a single tile. It can only travel on ground.
    • Small Digger: Quick and efficient digger of Dirt and Loose Rock
    • Small Mobile Laser Cutter: Portable laser! Perfect for vaporizing Dirt and Loose Rock quickly and effectively.
    • Tunnel Scout: Zip across any terrain unharmed!
    • Small Transport Truck: Quick resource transport vehicle
    • Rapid Rider: Traverses water and collects any resources that have fallen in. Can leap across one tile!
    • Cargo Carrier: Transports Small vehicles across water.
    • Loader Dozer: Clears Rubble automatically and Reinforces walls!
    • Granite Grinder: A powerful mining vehicle with moderate speed
    • Chrome Crusher: A powerful mining vehicle with a laser and scanner. A jack-of-all-trades!
    • Large Mobile Laser Cutter: Portable LARGE laser! Specializes in quickly clearing out areas with lots of visible rock.
    • Tunnel Transport: A lifter helicopter that transports ANY vehicle across any terrain.


  • Buildings currently implemented:
    • Tool Store – A basic support building that provides the most necessary tools/functionalities, as well as dispenses materials.
    • Canteen – Produces sandwiches and serves as a rally point!
    • Teleport Pad – Teleports miners and small vehicles.
    • Docks – Teleports water vehicles.
    • Power Station – Powers all buildings that require power if you have enough Energy Crystals.
    • Support Station – Refines air so that you can stay in the cave for longer!
    • Upgrade Station – Upgrades your vehicles by spending Ore or Studs.
    • Geological Center – Gives an underground scan of the surrounding area. Upgrade it to scan further!
    • Ore Refinery – Produces studs, which makes building construction much quicker! Has new animations compared to LRR.
    • Mining Laser – Shoots lasers on rock and creatures alike!
    • Super Teleport – Teleports large vehicles and miners.
    • Electric Fences – Zap’s intruders that try to pass the fences. (soon)
  • Many new animations, as seen above
  • Full power system

Level features

  • Oxygen meter
  • Cave system
  • Erosion
  • Landslides
  • Finding buildings and miners

Level Editor

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Change the level in real-time and see how it behaves!
  • Saving and loading Buildings, Vehicles and miners
  • Up to 256×256 map size (technically larger but the loading times need to be improved for it to be viable)
  • Detail-editable height map from (-100 to 100) times tile size
  • Define custom objectives
    • Objectives that are not present in LRR, such as “Place 30 Electric Fences” will be possible
    • Completely custom objectives such as “Drill 5 dirt walls”
  • Several different visualization options: Flattened world and Real level simulation
  • Advanced level scripting that alters the level as it plays, such as “Place lava here when someone walks on this tile” or “when two out of these four walls are drilled, send a message”! Read more on the wiki.


  • Unreal’s engine 4 provides fantastic lighting
  • Upscaled wall textures through a Neural Network thanks to Frozen Snow
  • Accurate high-resolution brick textures, some made by hand
  • Pristine LDraw models with maximum detail
  • A classic LRR UI with modern visuals


  • Fully customizable hotkeys!
  • Move camera with WASD
  • “Quick keys”: The keys can overlap between menus, so you can assign Q to be “Drill wall” as well as “Clear rubble”!
  • Rotate camera with Right mouse button
  • Pan camera with Middle mouse button
  • Pan camera by hovering edges, just like the original!
  • Tab/Escape goes back to the basic menu (Escape is more reliable)

…and much more: Jump into the game and try it out today! If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page as your question will mostly likely be answered there! More Manic Miners planned features will be added

Planned features

  • Rock monsters (Available in experimental builds!)
  • Slimy slugs
  • More intense combat
  • A unique take on an “Endless Mode”
  • Creating custom campaigns
  • Modding: Custom buildings
  • Modding: Custom vehicles
  • And later: an independent sequel?