Manic Miners features several features that were not present in LEGO Rock Raiders:

  • Smart AI that executes tasks and doesn’t ignore your input, as LRR sometimes did.
  • Fully customizable miners, down to the individual print and colour!
  • Assembling a crew with you as the commander!
  • Extensive first-person controls through Eye/Shoulder view
  • Vehicles with lasers will take drill orders and shoot walls autonomously
  • Scale hazards (Landslides, Erosion, Monster spawns etc) up or down to fit your playstyle!
  • Many new animations, details and secrets

Level Editor

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Change the level in real-time and see how it behaves!
  • Saving and loading Buildings, Vehicles and miners
  • Up to 256×256 map size (technically larger but the loading times need to be improved for it to be viable)
  • Detail-editable height map from (-100 to 100) times tile size
  • Define custom objectives
    • Objectives that are not present in LRR, such as “Place 30 Electric Fences” will be possible
    • Completely custom objectives such as “Drill 5 dirt walls”
  • Advanced level scripting that alters the level as it plays, such as “Place lava here when someone walks on this tile” or “when two out of these four walls are drilled, send a message”! Read more on the wiki.
  • Visual scripting with Script Blocks: Make monsters spawn or set up complex objectives without having to write code!


  • Unreal’s engine 4 providing fantastic lighting
  • Upscaled wall textures
  • Accurate high-resolution brick textures, some made by hand
  • Pristine LDraw models with maximum detail
  • A classic LRR UI with modern visuals


  • Fully customizable hotkeys!
  • Move camera with WASD
  • “Quick keys”: The keys can overlap between menus, so you can assign Q to be “Drill wall” as well as “Clear rubble”!
  • Rotate camera with Right mouse button
  • Pan camera with Middle mouse button
  • Pan camera by hovering edges, just like the original!

…and much more: Dig into the game and try it out today! If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page as your question will mostly likely be answered there! Otherwise, you can join the Discord server and ask your questions there 🙂